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Description: Syndicate is the re-imagination of a cult classic franchise from 1993 - a unique action shooter set in a not too distant future where Business is War 2069 No longer governed by politicians the developed world is divided up into regions controlled by megacorporations known as Syndicates These Syndicates have revolutionized how the consumer interacts with the digital world No longer does the consumer require a device to access the world&39;s data and control their technology they can do this at the blink of an eye via neural chip implant Civilians flocked to be "chip&39;d" and enjoy all that their selected Syndicate has to offer; housing medical banking insurance education entertainment and jobs One complete package One complete lifestyle In return the Syndicates gained unprecedented insights and control over the individual and their behaviour With little governmental oversight business has become war The Syndicates will stop at nothing for ultimate market dominance At the front line of this war are the Agents the Syndicate&39;s bio-engineered and chip-augmented enforcers They can breach anything in the wired world including their enemies their weapons and the environment that surrounds them making them the most efficient and deadly technological weapons in the world Take on the role of Miles Kilo Eurocorp&39;s latest prototype agent and embark on a brutal action adventure of corruption and revenge Syndicate takes players into a dark Machiavellian world run without government oversight with many syndicates vying for total dominance of their local market place With no one to question their intentions or actions three mega corporations - Eurocorp Cayman Global and Aspari - are at the forefront of this brutal war for control of the pivotal American market In the world of Syndicate everything is digitally connected including the people Players aren&39;t limited to the weapons in their hands Through DART 6 bio-chip technology implanted in their head players can slow down time and breach the digital world around them to take down their foes using a variety of upgradable hacking mechanics Syndicate&39;s blend of fast-paced futuristic action shooter settings and story combined with innovative chip breach gameplay instantly immerses players in a unique digital world Chip enhanced gameplay Slow down time see through walls and breach your enemy and everything digital in the world with Dart vision - A neural DART6 chip implant that allows you to interface directly with the Dataverse4-player online co-op Assemble your Syndicate for global domination A 4-player online co-op experience like no other with chip enhanced gameplay and 9 missions re-imagined from the original Syndicate Visceral FPS experience Utilize an upgradable arsenal of futuristic weapons armor and gear to annihilate your enemies and harvest their chip technology for personal advancement and sinister corporate greedSci-Fi fiction Immerse yourself in the world of Syndicate 2069 with a world-class sci-fi story experience written by bestselling author Richard Morgan... View full product description here >>>

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