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Description: Saints Row IV Commander in Chief Edition includesUncle Sam SuitScreaming Eagle Plane&39;Merica WeaponPlease Note A UKEU Live account maybe required to download the DLC contentThe Third Street Saints take on an enemy that&39;s out of this world in their craziest game yet Saints Row IVIn this new open-world adventure the leader of the Saints is now the leader of the free world elected as President of the USA and facing off against a deadly alien invasion using new weapons and super-powers!They&39;ve taken on rival gangs and the Ultor Corporation They&39;ve survived missions to Mars and Professor Genki’s Super Ethical Reality Climax So obviously the only place the Third Street Saints could go next is the Presidency of the United States Saints Row IV sees the Saints return for their craziest instalment yet as their leader become the leader of the free world And soon that&39;s not just a clever name as the Saints are the only thing that stand between Earth and the invading Aliens known as the Zin who transport them to a bizarre simulation of Steelport where the action really knows no limits!This new alien playground means that you have new alien toys to play with Saints Row IV introduces even more new weapons to the Saints Row saga each in-keeping with the tongue-in-cheek larger-than-life fighting style that has become the series&39; trademark For starters there&39;s the Inflat-O-Ray which will inflate an enemies head to cartoon proportions before exploding with a satisfying pop Or there&39;s the Dubstep Gun that lets you fire a wobbly wubwub that will start your enemy dancing until they literally can’t dance anymore! There&39;s also the alien mechs jump-jet powered fighting machines that take you to an arcade-y sub-game where you have to cause as much carnage as you can – and then dance the robot in victory!Saints Row IV also brings super-powers to the Third Street Saints – and typically they will have lots of fun with them! Run faster than a jet fighter and leap tall buildings with a single er leap! Use telekinesis to hurl cars and tanks at your enemies or just freeze them with your blast power! And just like your normal weapons you can quickly and easily switch your powers in the heat of battle And you&39;ll need all these new weapons and powers to take on the deadly alien threat of the Zin Led by evil ET godfather Zinyak the skies of Steelport are thick with the invading forces who look like they&39;ve been ripped straight from a sci-fi B-movie The Zin come in all shapes and sizes meaning they will be more than a match for your new toys and abilities – and deadlier than anything the Saints have faced before Saints Row IV lets you go as wild as the game itself with a full array of customisation options for both your weapons and your powers From character creation to the pimping of your ride and the sprucing up of your weapons there are all kinds of options both at the start of the game and to be unlocked as you play After all who doesn&39;t want a guitar case rocket launcher? An insane new instalment as the Saints move on up in the world All-new weapons with all-new ways to defeat the enemy Saints go super with crazy new powers to control The Saints face their deadliest enemies yet Go as wild as you like with even more customisation options... View full product description here >>>

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