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Description: Emergence Day Before the rise of the Lambent Before the sinking of Jacinto Before the Lightmass Bomb detonated This was the day it all changed the day the Locust Horde burst from the ground and started Sera on a path to near-destruction Gears of War Judgement takes the action back to the events following E-Day focussing on Damon Baird Augustus ‘Cole Train’ Cole and the rest of Kilo Squad as they battle to save Halvo Bay from the Locust siege The campaign is playable in both single-player and co-operative modes with up to four-players taking part through Xbox LIVE Told in flashback by Damon Baird as he stands trial this is not just the early days of the SeraLocust conflict but the early days of Kilo Squad itself Journalist and author Tom Bissell and partner Rob Auten have written this new instalment in the Gears of War saga adding humanity and humour to the action and violence as Baird and cole train get to know each other and form the bond they would carry into the previous games in the series The campaign of Gears of War Judgment also introduces a new Mission Declassification system offering new challenges and achievements that may prove vital to the campaign itself – and how it is played out Declassifications are optional missions that will pop up as you make your way through the campaign Taking on these challenges and even how successfully you complete them will impact Baird’s narration of the game from that point on So while the story will remain the same the way it is told will change every time Just how reliable is Baird’s testimony then?Despite these new narrative features the combat in Gears of War Judgement is more old-school combining everything you’d expect from Gears third-person action gameplay with a new faster pace that really ramps up the action Judgment also introduces a new Smart Spawn System S3 within both campaign and multiplayer modes This new system ensures your Gears experience remains fresh and unpredictable with types timing and locations of enemies changing with each new encounter Gears of War Judgment continues the series’ success in multiplayer offering up a wealth of new modes to keep even the most hardened Gears soldier on their toes First up is OverRun class-based competitive battles that sees five-player quads alternate between Locust and COG soldiers with a unique player progression system Maps in OverRun include Rooftops a returning map from the original Gears of War and Island set within the supply and re-fuelling depot on the inter-connected islands off the coast of Halvo Bay Multiplayer continues in the new Free-For-All mode Team tactics are cast aside in this is all out battle for survival where it is literally kill or be killed For the first time this means you can go COG vs COG in multiplayer Maps include Gondola which takes you to an idyllic coastal community in the Agora foothills and Library set within the stacks and shelves of the Alexiy Desipich Memorial Library  A Riveting Campaign set before the original trilogy New Mission Declassification system adds challenges to the campaign Faster and More Intense Combat Explosive New Multiplayer Experiences... View full product description here >>>

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