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Description: This soft, super-stretchy, extra extra roomy sock offers exceptional comfort, protection and fit to those with oedema (fluid retention), lymphoedema and other size-related problems. The special ribbed construction keeps it up securely without digging in or causing pressure. It also has a smooth join at the toe which won't rub or irritate sensitive toes and skin. It's expertly made in Britain from soft, stretchy Elastane and the highest-quality Cotton to give you unsurpassed comfort and fit.... View full product description here >>>

E-shop Cosyfeet offers this product Cosyfeet Fuller Fitting Socks - Black M, today for good price 16 £. Shop while the item is still available. The item is in the category Socks & Hosiery.

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Added: a week ago
Rating Cosyfeet Fuller Fitting Socks - Black M: Everything ok yet, I evaluate the product itself positively. I like his features and trust this brand here . I'm very happy with everything.

Added: a week ago
Rating: I like you from this brand I buy goods. I have already bought several other products and am satisfied.

Added: a month ago
Rating: I usually read reviews before buying Cosyfeet Fuller Fitting Socks - Black Mand often look at Youtube too. And this product suits me.

Added: a month ago
Comment: With this e-shop Cosyfeet I have excellent experience so far and so I regularly shop here. This product suits me and I am satisfied with it.

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More images, more detailed specifications Cosyfeet Fuller Fitting Socks - Black M and read the description on the pages in the catalog or directly on the store website Cosyfeet , where you can buy this product right away 16 £. See the store offer.

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Cosyfeet Fuller Fitting Socks - Black M Socks & Hosiery
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